Classes are being taught at 23 Standstone Body and Mind Spa

Friday Mornings 7:30-8:30

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Your Instructor

David R. White



Accredited T’ai Chi Chih Instructor



David began practicing T’ai Chi Chih while working in his previous career as a naturalist.  He was accredited to teach T’ai Chi Chih in 1994.  He has taught classes at workshops, retreats, assisted living centers, yoga studios, community centers, health food stores, massage schools, and most recently at the YMCA of Jackson. David has a BA in biology and an MA in Natural Resources.  He worked for twelve years as an interpretive naturalist, environmental educator, and professional storyteller. The themes of balance, harmony, and flow taught in T’ai Chi Chih fit well with the lessons he was teaching about the balance and flow within nature.   These same themes led him to seek ways of creating balance, flow, and harmony within the human body; studying and practicing first Reiki and later Massage Therapy.




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